How I See Things

I see love when I see you. I see light and the potential you hold. In your words and your gentleness. I let go of my love for you. I'm sorry that I lost you as I became more of me, but from here I still see love when I look at you.


Thank You

I have met people who have inspired me. People who came into my life and we just vibe and I realize they have taught me so much. People who are so...themselves and very secure in that. They have shown me that it's possible to be yourself fully, completely, unashamed. People who are so genuine, who … Continue reading Thank You

Remember When

Remember when I let go. And you probably wondered where I had gone, why I wasn't there when you wanted me to be. Remember when I held on. And you didn't really notice, because you weren't really looking at the time. You were distracted. But when I let go, for some reason, those distractions seemed … Continue reading Remember When

Tonight I Sleep

Tonight I sleep as the world turns Allowing it to continue on Without my attempt to control it Without my thoughts and fears and strides to make it anything other than itself For what does it need me to control When all is well