A Year Behind and The Year Ahead

Looking back, 2015 was…tough. I went through a mess of emotions and trials in my life that really tested me. I found and lost love, I started a job, I messed up, I learned a lot about letting go,  and most importantly – I kept going.

Lessons Learned

God has a plan: It may not be your plan, it may not make sense to you, but his plan is far greater than anything I can imagine. He looks out for us in ways that are both seen and unseen. Sometimes, you need to let go a little – let go of your own plan, your own vision, and trust that all is working out perfectly.

All is well: You may go through trials, you may face adversity, you might struggle, but in the grand scheme of things, it will be okay. I faced quite a bit of financial hardship that lead to a TON of worry in my life. I think (and this is an ongoing process) I’ve let go of that need (yes, it was almost like a need) to worry. Sometimes, you can’t fix everything but it will work out.

Work is important, but so is your sanity: I had two jobs at one point and while it was nice to have a little extra cash, it was frustrating to have to leave a long day of work and start more work. Work will always be there. Save some time for yourself. Life is not ALL about work.

Presence: I pray and pray and pray for God to guide me in my life. One night I realized that if I focus on the things I value and make decisions in each moment that align with my values, God will take care of the path. You can’t always plan for the future and you may not always know where you are going. What you can do is focus on where you are and make decisions that you feel align with both your heart and your values and I have this pretty strong feeling that you will be on the move in the right direction.

Looking Forward

I did not go into 2016 with some grand plan. Frankly, I don’t know that it even matters. Why fight with myself over having some list of resolutions that I feel pressured to conform to. I am going to accept myself how I am and try my best to make decisions that I feel are right. I did, however, come up with a list of desires I have for the year ahead. As I mentioned, this past year has been tough but I feel in my heart that many miracles are happening in my life. Probably things that are so great I can’t imagine 🙂 so as I move into the new year, I have some things I would like to focus on.

These ideas were from MindBodyGreen, this article, and this article.

Surrendering More. Dreaming More. Leading More. Following my Heart More. Accepting Myself More. Trusting More.

This year I desire:

  • To accept and value myself more
  • To Witness the greatest miracles
  • Presence
  • More Prayer and to be closer with God
  • Love
  • Adventure
  • Purpose

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