Things my Mother Taught Me…


My gratitude for my mother and her love is unexplainable. I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend with my family on my mom’s side for her brother’s (my uncle’s) wedding and the amount of love and grace present when we were all together was incredible. I think one of the amazing things about my family is how close and strong we are together. I digress but will say that example of the love present this weekend shows just how strong family is and how much it is valued in our lives. This leads me to one of the many things my mother has taught me in my life.

    1. Family is number one. I remember growing up my mom would instill in us that the way we treated each other taught other people how to treat us. This doesn’t mean we always got along and I certainly was not always the best sister. But my mom always has put family first. She has always taken care of us, been there for us, and provided for us without asking for anything in return. The idea of taking care of each other and being there for one another eventually grew and I think at this age I’m blessed to say my mom, brothers, and niece have a very strong bond. I love my family with my heart and I try to make choices that reflect my love for them, whether it be in my career, relationships, etc.
    2. When you’re mad at someone, you don’t have to ignore them.I see this as an example of unconditional love. This is one of the lessons I still haven’t caught on to as quickly but it shows just how good my mother’s heart is. Whenever she is mad or upset with us, I don’t know that (or haven’t ever noticed) that she will give us the silent treatment. I think this is an important lesson because it has taught me forgiveness.
    3. You don’t always have to be in a hurry.My mom would always joke with us while we were driving about us trying to hear the other person’s radio. I remember getting so impatient when my mom would drive slow or lag behind and give another driver an opportunity to jump in front of her. I kind of see that in myself now, especially since I’ve been away from home and it’s interesting because now I will joke with my best friend about being in a hurry while driving. If you are not on a set schedule or you’re going out to dinner or have time, what’s the point of driving in a such a haste that you get angry with other drivers or feel upset when you don’t get somewhere fast enough. But it’s also in life. I was always in such a hurry to get through college. My mom would suggest I take my time and she would let me know I didn’t have to know what I wanted to do right away. She encouraged me to take my time and not to rush. I still did, but I’m learning it’s like that in life.
    4. Grace. My mom’s grace in forgiving us is amazing. She has allowed my brothers and I to form our own opinions, to make our own decisions, and she has been there when we leave home and want to come back. That takes a lot of courage.
    5. Hard Work.Enough said. Well, but I will add more. When I work I think a part of me has the drive and I see a lot of that drive in my mother. She works harder than anyone I know and she taught me the importance of hard work. The work may not always be glamorous, but that should not stop you.

The things my mother taught me didn’t always come as easy learning. Sometimes I would not listen or it seems I wouldn’t want to hear it. Eventually (and I think this is a lesson to any mother, if I can be so bold as to suggest) we start to see you are right. Give it some time.


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