Why Your Dreams are Valid

I first wrote the note you will read below in my cell phone as I was traveling from Houston to Omaha. I later added it to my journal so I wouldn’t forget it. This is a personal story that may not make much sense to someone who doesn’t know me, but I feel that it should be shared:

I’m sitting on this flight from Houston back to Omaha. In the past month, I feel like I have traveled more than I have been at home, but it’s the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined God to allow in my life. I remember when I was younger I would stare at the sky at night and see planes going by high above me. I would wonder where they were going and I felt this yearning — I don’t know if that’s the word — to be on those planes. Something about looking at the sky at night and realizing how great God is, how great the universe is, how vast and endless and I just wanted to be closer to that. I wanted to travel and see new places. I almost felt like I wanted to get away. Maybe it was that small seed of ambition or God working to push me in the direction of a great life. I feel the greatest blessing to to travel with this job, and it’s proof that what our heart wants really is possible to have. I want so badly to be successful. I sent my younger brother a video I created for a client and he actually sent it to my dad. That makes me think he is proud of me…all I want is to make my family proud…

What is success to me? Success is the ability to be a blessing to my family and to those around me, to be able to open doors of opportunity for them and show them that their dreams are achievable. Success to me is helping others reach their own success and being able to give generously, to help me family when they need it. It’s also about working for something greater than oneself and doing work that makes you happy. I ask God to allow me to do great things in my life. His grace is more amazing than I can explain and I know that he works in my life each day to make me greater. I want to be successful, not just for myself but for my family. And I know what my heart wants is achievable and pushing me to the boundless opportunity God has created for me.

That young child who used to stare out the window and look up at the stars at night, wondering and wishing to see what was out in the world. Fast forward to the early morning plane rides watching the sun rise and feeling gratitude to be sitting in the plane seat next to a window.It seems simple. But really, it’s a miracle if you can notice it. And I have.

Your dreams are valid.


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